Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Rental

If you’re looking for a hyperbaric chamber rental you have certainly come to the right place. Dr. Sue has tested many different units and has invested in and offers the very best hyperbaric chambers for rent. Due to the cost of transport and setup, we have a one-month minimum on all hyperbaric rentals. There is a limit to how many chambers we can rent at any given time. It is best to call or email Hyperbaric Northwest to reserve your hyperbaric rental as soon as possible. Our mission is to bring healing to your home. Our chambers are of the highest quality. Please have your provider fill out this form:

Hyperbaric Rental Process

After contacting Hyperbaric Northwest and reserving your rental you will be given a date as to when your rental will be delivered. We’d like you to clear an area in your home approximately 5′ x 10′. This will allow the installers enough room to set up your chamber. It will also give enough space to ensure that you have the freedom to get in and out of the chamber with ease. After your desired rental time, Hyperbaric Northwest will call you to schedule a time to pick up the chamber.

Extending Your Hyperbaric Chamber Rental

If you would like to extend your hyperbaric oxygen chamber rental, we would simply ask that you contact Hyperbaric Northwest. As soon as you have made that decision so that we can work that into our schedule. If your unit was to be delivered to another person after our pickup and sanitization process, then we will put you back onto the schedule to receive another chamber at our earliest availability. Hyperbaric Northwest is focused on your healing and we will do whatever we can to get a hyperbaric chamber to you as quickly as possible.

How do I pay for my rental?

At Hyperbaric Northwest we want to make sure that your hyperbaric oxygen chamber rental is set up and ready for you to use. To reserve your spot in line we ask for a 50% deposit on the rental and then once the chamber is set up in your home, you will pay the other 50%. After the rental period, we will come and pick up the chamber. To pay for your rental, we accept Paypal, Venmo, Zelle, Credit Card, or cash.

What happens if my chamber stops working?

First, we want you to know that our chambers are completely safe for use. If there’s a power outage or the machine stops working, you will not be stuck in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber. You can simply zip yourself right out of the chamber with ease. If there is some mechanical issue, please contact us at your earliest convenience and we will work quickly to resolve the issue. We are here for you and your health. Hyperbaric Northwest and Dr. Sue want the best for your health.

Hyperbaric Northwest hyperbaric oxygen chamber - Vitaeris 320

Can I purchase a hyperbaric chamber from Hyperbaric Northwest?

If you fall in love with your hyperbaric rental and would like to purchase a unit from us, we do have units for sale. Depending on shipping and availability we can work with our distributor to bring a chamber to your home and set it up for you. If you would like to purchase a chamber, contact Dr. Sue directly and she can help you with your purchase. Depending on your needs, amount of use, and space you have available, Dr. Sue will pick out the best chamber for your needs. If purchasing is just not in the cards, we always offer in-home rentals. Our mission is to bring the healing into your home for continued and on-going healing. The benefits of hyperbaric healing are far and wide.

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