HBOT FAQs: What is hyperbaric oxygen?

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HBOT FAQs: What is hyperbaric oxygen chamberOxygen under pressure is a means to deliver more oxygen to every cell in your body. Typically, your red blood cells do this, but for most people your red blood cells are already oxygenated nearly 100%. Introducing oxygen under pressure is how we get more oxygen deeper in to the tissues. 

Oxygen for Healing

Oxygen is so critical for healing that strictly speaking it is considered to be a drug. Mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy involves a soft sided chamber, a compressor and most often an oxygen concentrator and the sensation is similar to diving 10 feet under water.

Mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy is extremely safe due to the lower pressures that are utilized vs. the higher pressures used in hospital based hyperbaric chambers.
  • Pneumothorax
  • A few very specific medications
  • A head cold
  • Claustrophobia ( although this may often be overcome )
Yes. It’s nice to have a friend help with the zippers, but many of us don’t have that luxury.
That depends on your reason for utilizing mhbot. Many athletes such as LeBron James use the chamber on a consistent basis for sports recovery. Other people have their own chamber and dive regularly for general health and anti aging benefits. There is a basic protocol for surgical patients involving 10 dives before and 10 or more dives after surgery. Conditions like Chronic Lyme Disease or dementia will take 40 plus dives. Dr. Wendling will help customize your dive schedule and make adjustments as needed.
Yes, it will feel similar to taking off or landing in a plane and you will use those same maneuvers that you use on a plane to clear your ears.
This healing modality is NOT a quick fix. It is a natural way to assist your body in healing itself. You can dive every day of the week with mhbot but maybe in order to not get burned out, consider a day off each week. Each dive should be 60-90 minutes. You will receive the most dramatic quickest results with 2 dives a day at least 4 hours apart.
The vast majority of mild hyperbaric chamber operators encourage taking your phone or laptop into the chamber. It helps pass the time and increases compliance. To date there has never been an adverse event in a mild chamber involving lithium batteries.

Yes, and that shouldn’t be a problem even if your provider isn’t familiar yet with mild hyperbaric oxygen. That physician referral form is here on our site.

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