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The interest in hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) of  Dr. Sue Wendling was sparked by her own personal experiences. She grappled with an unexplained disorder that compromised blood flow to her joints, leading to bone necrosis. This condition, known as avascular necrosis, progressed rapidly and necessitated full joint replacements for both her hips. Even after undergoing hip replacement surgery, she still endured significant pain, severely limiting her daily activities. In early 2020, she began to experience familiar pain in her left knee, receiving a similar diagnosis of bone necrosis in that joint.

Dr. Sue Wendling Discovering Hbot

Hyperbaric Northwest was established out of necessity, driven by Dr. Sue’s personal journey. Following her avascular necrosis diagnosis, she came across mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which remarkably aided in the healing of her necrotic knee. Recognizing the potential of HBOT to benefit others, she embarked on a mission to make this therapy more accessible and widely known throughout the Pacific Northwest. HBOT has proven effective for various conditions, including ongoing joint pain, neurological disorders, brain injuries/concussions, autoimmune conditions, Lyme disease, migraines, athletic recovery, musculoskeletal injuries, post-surgical healing, and more.

Due to the high cost and space requirements of hyperbaric chambers, many individuals are hesitant to invest in such equipment. To address this issue, Dr. Sue has chosen to offer chamber rentals. Most clients opt for a minimum one-month rental period, often extending up to three months or longer. For those interested in renting a mild hyperbaric oxygen chamber, contacting Dr. Sue through the website’s Contact page is the way to go.

personal hbot experience

Having rented a chamber for a month herself, Dr. Sue was well aware of her compliance challenges. She knew it was essential to have the chamber readily available, especially since two daily sessions are most effective. Her limited mobility, confined to a scooter or crutches, made moving around a cumbersome task. Furthermore, her battle with chronic Lyme disease, possibly contributing to her joint necrosis, added another layer of complexity to her health journey.


Dr. Sue’s personal HBOT journey unfolded rapidly. In just three weeks of undertaking two one-hour sessions daily, she underwent a follow-up knee x-ray. While her expectations remained modest, the results astonished her. In a mere three weeks, new bone growth in her knee was evident, with the x-ray showing no signs of prior issues.
Ultimately, Dr. Sue acquired her own hyperbaric chamber and, with guidance from her naturopath, embarked on the lengthy process of treating her Lyme disease. She humorously likened it to watching paint dry due to its gradual progress. Now, her improved health has enabled her to establish her own mild hyperbaric oxygen chamber rental business.

Dr. Sue firmly believes that HBOT can benefit a wide range of individuals, from those grappling with traumatic brain injuries to those seeking anti-aging advantages, among various other conditions. She emphasizes that while society often turns to prescription drugs and surgery to address health issues, hyperbaric oxygen therapy offers a safe, drug-free, painless, and effective alternative. In her case, it even allowed her to entirely avoid a knee replacement. Moreover, for those who do require surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation, HBOT can enhance the healing process. In the case of Lyme disease, HBOT facilitates the penetration of antibiotics into tissues.

She finds fulfillment in her role, viewing her HBOT chamber rental business as an opportunity to help others. Dr. Sue is particularly committed to assisting veterans with PTSD and traumatic brain injuries, offering discounts to support their well-being. She welcomes questions and encourages individuals to explore the continually updated information on mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy available on her blog.
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