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SERVING THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST, Hyperbaric Northwest is committed to health, convenience, and excellence. We offer cost-effective in-home hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) chamber rentals. Contact us for information on renting one of our units for your health.

Dr. Sue - hyperbaric northwest oxygen chamber specialist

Dr. Sue

After a diagnosis of avascular necrosis, Dr. Sue was told she had compromised blood supply to her joints which would cause her bones to die. She was told she would need a full knee replacement. After much research she found mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy (Mild HBOT or MHBOT). After just three weeks of use, she was growing new bone in her knee. The x-ray of her knee was normal.

With that amazing recovery, Dr. Sue decided she wanted others to experience these same results, so she founded Hyperbaric Northwest to help others with  Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in the Pacific Northwest. Read more about Dr. Sue’s story by clicking the button below.

Hyperbaric Northwest

Hyperbaric Northwest was founded out of a need. Dr. Sue discovered mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy after she was diagnosed with avascular necrosis. After finding that hyperbaric oxygen helped her necrotic joints heal, she realized that she wanted to make hyperbaric oxygen therapy more well-known and available to everyone in the PACIFIC NORTHWEST. This therapy is great for anyone who has ongoing joint pains, neurological conditions, brain injury/concussion, autoimmune conditions, Lyme disease, migraines, ATHLETIC RECOVERY, musculoskeletal and athletic injuries, post-surgical healing, ands much more.

Do to the expense of ownership and the amount of space it takes up, people tend to not want to invest in buying such a high cost, space eating device. That is why Dr. Sue has decided to offer HBOT chamber rentals. Most of her clients tend to rent a hyperbaric chamber for a minimum of one month and often up to 3 or more. To rent a mild hyperbaric oxygen chamber, contact Sue using the Contact page above or click the button below.


Mild hyperbaric oxygen was highly recommended to me by my sports medicine doctor in combination with PRP and stem cell therapy. As a competitive triathlete, recovery and overall outcome is of concern to me. Just weeks after my PRP procedure incorporating hyperbarics I was cycling fifty miles a day in mountainous terrain for several days with no pain.
Dr. Wendling was very thorough and patient in teaching me how to use the chamber for the greatest benefit and was always available to answer questions after delivery.
I was told horror stories about the pain and slow healing after shoulder surgery. The only thing I did different from the people I spoke with was incorporate hyperbaric oxygen and I feel incredibly positive about how well and how fast I am healing. I was gardening 2 months after surgery! Also, I tend to scar terribly after surgery. This time, you can’t even locate the incisions!
I guess my experience isn’t the norm, but after only one dive/session, I felt and look refreshed, my brain fog cleared and my skin was absolutely glowing. I wasn’t treating for any particular condition, just my general health and well-being.
I’ve been dealing with painful frozen shoulder for months. Dr. Sue suggested hyperbaric oxygen therapy. I’ve only been using the chamber for a few days and I can’t believe how much mobility I already have regained.
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